Tomas Hill is situated on the hill Kladešćica at 460 meters above sea level. A forest landscape prevailed, giving you a dose of isolation from civilization.

Tomas Hill is located 7.5 kilometers from the center of Sveti Ivan Zelina, of which 5 kilometers is macadam, 40 kilometers from the Franjo Tudjman Airport in Zagreb and 44 kilometers from the center of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

Holiday house Tomas Hill consists of 2 buildings that together have 95m2. It contains of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, rest and entertainment room and 2 terraces. 

Our motto is Live and enjoy! because we think this place is really worth living and enjoying. That was the beginning and the reason for the creation of Tomas Hill, which was created in a family environment with a lot of love and passion, and we are ready to share that love and passion with you. If you are a true lover of this environment around you, do not wait and become part of this wonderful story.

We are looking forward to your arrival!

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